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8 Things You Should Toss Before Moving

Preparing for a move can be stressful. One of the most overwhelming aspects of moving is dealing with clutter. It’s not fun to deal with clutter before you move, but you definitely do not want to wait to declutter until after you move. Moving those unnecessary items can cost you time and money. Each item that movers pick up could add extra time onto the clock that could be better spent for things that matter most to you. The best way to reduce clutter is to consider throwing away or re-homing things that are unnecessary to bring with you to your fresh, new home.

Here are 8 items that you should consider getting rid of before your movers show up…

1. Perishable and Opened Food Containers

No one wants to waste food, but likely the items in your fridge will not make it to your new home if you choose to pack them. However, there are ways to preserve your pantry in a smart and safe way.

While some items can be packed up safely, they could be difficult to unpack quickly. During a move, you will already have several boxes to unload and unpack. The last thing you need is your month-old Cheese-Itz getting stale in a box buried under all of your fine china. We recommend waiting to restock until after your move, but you may still find the need to transport a few food items throughout your move.

If you decide to keep these items, consider packing them in a box or container that is easily identifiable, and maybe even transport them in your car so they are the first things in the kitchen to be unpacked.

2. Clothes & Shoes

Clothes take up more room than you think. Stuffing drawers, packing wardrobe boxes and filling trash bags might all be indicators that your closet is overloaded; and your moving truck will be too. If you just can’t part with your favorite items, you can create more room for the essentials with vacuum storage bags. While this may be a solution for clothing items, the same cannot be said for shoes and footwear.

Shoes are heavy and also take up a lot of space. Not to mention, if they aren’t packed properly, they can be ruined by being in a box squished with several other pairs. Or worse, they fall out of the container and leave you with only one shoe from your pair.

To avoid the extra time, money, and hassle, we recommend that you take advantage of your move and get a head start on Spring cleaning. Make your best effort to gather and/or donate all the clothes and shoes that you don’t wear anymore, don’t fit well, or that you were afraid to give away because your beloved mom gave it to you 4 Christmas’ ago and you don’t want her to see it on the Goodwill rack.

3. Books

Books are heavy and fill a box quickly. If you are a book connoisseur, you might have a good reason. However, you might be surprised discover how many books you just don’t need anymore, and how much money it might cost you to lug around from home to home.

Take some time to sort through your collection and consider donating or throwing out any books that you won’t re-read. Let's be honest, are you really going to crack open your college textbook you barely touched during college anyway?

4. Cleaning products

While cleaning products are expensive, they’re much-needed. While it’s always best to declutter as much as possible, we know that there are some cleaning essentials you may want to bring to your new home.

Start with analyzing your supplies and decide what is and isn’t worth taking with you. There might be a few bottles under your sink that could be tossed. Any bottles that are almost empty can be used up or combined with a new bottle to save on space. This includes cleaning products, laundry products, paints, oils, gas, grease, etc.

When it comes to transporting chemicals or cleaning supplies, safety is the top priority. We always recommend packing and transporting any chemicals with caution. No one wants a clean up on an “aisle moving truck” that contaminates your nice furniture or other packed items.

If you do need to transport chemicals, it is best to pack them in a plastic tote. In the case of spilling, the chemicals are contained and are less likely to spill onto your other items.

5. Toiletries

Toiletries are sometimes the last thing we are thinking about during the moving process. We use them everyday, yet we don’t always realize how much room they take up until moving day. While it may seem daunting, throwing away any opened, empty, or unused products could save you space in a box.

6. Files, Papers, & Pictures

While one sheet of paper isn’t going to make or break your move, a large amount of it can add up quickly in weight and space. Before moving, consider going through your old files, office papers, and family photos to see what can be kept or thrown out.

We know that photos and mementos are irreplaceable and while we don’t recommend throwing them away, they can cause unnecessary clutter during your move. The beauty of this day and age of technology is that there are alternatives for preserving your keepsakes. Scanners and digital photo albums can easily capture and save all of your precious documents. Not only will you be reducing clutter, but you will also be able to save those documented moments and memories onto the cloud that will forever keep it safe.

7. Decorations

Many of us have tons of decorations for the seasons just sitting in storage. Thankfully, a new move can mean a fresh start and give you a chance to revamp your decor.

Now is the perfect time to go through these containers to decide which ones you really deem worthy of pulling out for the holiday seasons. You might surprise yourself with how many you had that never got used over the past few years.

Getting rid of or donating those items might bring cheer to a thrifter on the hunt, and save you the time, money and hassle of ever dealing with it again.

8. Garage/Outdoor Equipment

Let’s take a look at what you really need from the garage or outdoor shed. Old planters, wood, broken tools, and that project for that special someone you always promised you would finish don’t necessarily need to take up room at your new home.

Moving these types of items is far more costly than you would realize. They can’t be easily packed which leaves your movers toting around a handful of things you don’t care for anyway.

Not to mention, they could potentially dirty up the truck which also has all your other beloved belongings in it. Make an effort to tidy up these places within your house to make sure you are taking the items you truly need and care about.

We want your move to be as seamless and stress-free as you do. Discarding some of these unnecessary items can make that possible. You may find that you feel a lot better once you do. When it comes to the items you care about most, rely on movers you can trust. When planning your next move, contact The Highway Men to get the job done right.

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